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The Independent BMW specialist garage has become very popular in recent years, because they offer a much cheaper alternative to the BMW main dealer network.  The independent BMW specialist has equipped his workshop with the latest diagnostic tools and equipment, enabling quick and correct diagnosis saving the BMW driver time and of course money.

Within the BMW Specialist Register, you`ll find the very best Independent BMW specialists operating in the UK today. You can browse through the BMW garages listed, but a quicker way to locate your nearest BMW specialist is to insert your postcode into the search box, this will bring up a list of BMW specialists closest to you.

You may also like to visit the BMW parts and BMW tuning pages, there you`ll find the very best BMW parts suppliers, and BMW tuning companies available today.

The BMW Specialist Register is the one – stop – shop for everything that your BMW needs. If you`ve never used an independent BMW specialist before, start your search here – you`ll be glad you did.




4 thoughts on “Search Our Register For An Independent BMW Specialist

  1. Hi,

    I would like to report Colin Woods Motors Ltd of Byards Leap Sleaford for exaggerated hours needed to do a job on a BMW X5.

    Job quoted by them to replace the electric actuating motor for the radiator blinds.

    This Garage quoted 12 hours labour at £900 plus parts to replace a radiator blind motor on my BMW X5 yesterday.

    I Went to the main BMW garage at Boston this morning They gave me a printed quote for two hours labour inc parts less than £500 total. Went home removed the part myself in just an hour. Went back to Colin Woods Motors asked why was his quote was so much. He answered Because the whole front end and front wing has to come off to remove the part . I showed him the BMW quote . I showed him the part and I said I am not a mechanic and it took me just one hour to remove it ! He said if I didn’t like his quote there was the door. I said he was more than twice the cost of going to the main dealers and he was trying to grossly overcharge me . I was very annoyed that a garage was trying to take my leg up. Being a local man most of my life I thought this garage could be trusted

    I really think this garage should not be allowed to become advertised as a specialist garage in BMW cars as they are making a mockery out of people .

    I have already left the above feedback on Yell whom advertise this Garage.

    I did warn him I did not find his actions of trying to charge well over the odds funny like he did. I told him I would spread the word through social media . He then said that was unfair as he had only quoted for the job. I reiterated saying yes 12 hours labour instead of two hours. I said I thought that was daylight robbery in my eyes as he was advertising as a BMW specialist he of all people should have checked with the Main Garage at Boston which is where he buys spare parts from. They told me this morning he had already rung them asking about the parts needed so did he also ask how long it would take them to do the job???

    BMW garages have time limits for all jobs as I was going to book it in with them . But I said I was not giving them a blank canvas after they said they charge £85 an hour plus vat. That why I asked for a written quote.

    It annoys me when someone tries to pull the wool over my eyes. Just because I am disabled and retired they think I am an easy target to charge what they like???

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