MONOJOY Car Key Signal Blocker

The Monojoy key pouch measuring just 20x10cm is simply a great cheap little bit of kit for people who are worried about waking to find that their car has been stolen. Even if your car`s not keyless start, the thief can gain entry to your car and can steal anything thats left inside. With this purchase you`ll get two small pouches, meaning your key fob will fit inside; there are bigger pouches available should you want to protect other key fobs.

The signal is totally blocked inside the Monojoy pouch, that means even in your pocket its safe and should the buttons get clicked, your car can`t unlock. You can of course carry the pouch with you – which will prevent thieves waiting for you to park up and walk away before they block the signal, which means they`ll get into your car by way of a signal extender after you have walked a hundred yards from the vehicle.

monojoy pouch picture