6 Tips To Avoid A Breakdown

breakdownRainfall or sunshine, it’s smart to give the vehicle a very good check over every few weeks – you could possibly avoid a breakdown and maybe a sizable, unwanted bill.


Top-up whenever you pass a filling station instead of delaying searching for one till the fuel light turns on – especially if you happen to be driving in an unfamiliar region.


Thoroughly clean all external lighting routinely and examine for blown light bulbs and breaks in the lens.


Vehicles can use up as much as 1 litre of oil just about every 1,000 miles. Look at the oil level frequently (your manual will advise you how). Never wait for a red-colour oil pressure warning light to appear – engine damage could have already happened by then.


Overheating is a very common reason for breakdowns, particularly in warmer weather. Look at the coolant level on a regular basis (the manual will reveal how) and when the level constantly appears low, search for leakages. Top-up the windscreen washer fluid as well.


Battery troubles are the main reason for breakdowns anytime of the year. Renew an aged, worn-out battery before it lets you down. Also ensure that your electric radiator cooling fan will start working once the engine becomes hot – you should check this is correct by running the engine until the fan cuts in, do this with the vehicle stationary.


Incorrectly inflated car tyres are not just unsafe; they degrade faster and will increase fuel consumption by about 5%. If you are driving with additional passengers or baggage, make sure to raise your tyre pressures appropriately (see your manual).

With these 6 simple checks, your car will have a better chance to survive for many years.