Armour Plated BMW – For The Prince of Wales

Scotland Yard is evaluating an armour-plated BMW able to reject gunfire and poisoned gas to offer increased security for the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall from possible assaults, it had been stated today.

The £300,000 vehicle is packed with high security measures including detachable bulletproof windscreens, should the Royal pair want to make a quick exit, plus an “assault alarm” that immediately distinguishes fires underneath the chassis and engine bay.

It was created to protect against a repeat of the frightening 2010 security scare in which  Camilla and Charles were being targeted by college student fees demonstrators whilst enroute to a Royal Variety Performance in the London Palladium.

Throughout the strike protesters chanted “off with their heads”, bomb barded and pelted their ceremonial Rolls Royce with homemade paint bombs and poked Camilla using a wood rod via the vehicle window.

The BMW 760 higher protection vehicle is boasted by its creators for being probably the most secure vehicle in the world after US President Barack Obama’s Cadillac One, which happens to be nicknamed “the Beast”. It’s considered to be safer in comparison to the armoured Jaguar Charles often employs and it has been referred to by motoring industry experts as being an “über-technical land yacht”.

Dai Davies, an old head of royal security at Scotland Yard, explained: “This is the greatest security vehicle available today and in my opinion the authorities ought to be utilizing it simply because they were not able to countenance yet another assault such as the one throughout the college student riots. “History demonstrates that assaults are likely to occur when individuals are being taken back and forth from their houses, particularly with the royal family. If you will commit hundreds of thousands on safeguarding the royals it would seem absurd not to have the best equipment.”

Amongst its numerous hi-tech enhancements, the BMW 760 features a exclusive security alarm that will identify toxin gas. It instantly shuts the windows and outside air vents and activates the central lock system, whilst a supply of oxygen supplies breathable oxygen.

The luxurious vehicle also offers hidden microphones and loudspeakers to permit the driver and passengers to speak with individuals outside of the vehicle without having to open the windows. Additional features consist of anti-terrorist gadgets like a remote control ignition which allows the engine to get started from 150 metres if it’s thought that explosives happen to be connected to the starter circuit.

The BMW is additionally furnished with an “anti-kidnap” remote control securing device that enables the boot to get locked and opened remotely by the police force, which makes it impossible for Charles and Camilla to become stuck on the inside.

Based on reviews, Scotland Yard claims the vehicles is on a trial run having a view towards the lease or buy a minimum of two vehicles later on this year.