Thinking of Buying a BMW 2002?

What to look for when buying a used BMW 2002


Despite the BMW reputation for their quality and manufacturing, the corrosion is certainly an issue with the BMW 2002. The rust will nibble at the door edge and bottoms also the edges of the both bonnet and the boot, pay very close attention to the door sills. Any blocked drains will cause much of the problems here, so do take a long look where the A-posts meet at the sills, also where the sills then meet the rear wheel arches. Now, the front wheel arches and the inner wings really are the rot spots, also is in the area up around the actual bulkhead. Also there`s several box-sections up around the radiator and the headlamps that do harbour rust.

The BMW 2002 front chassis-rails and the jacking points do disintegrate, as so can the actual floor pan and boot area. The spare wheel-well corrodes too, so you`ll need to pay extra close attention also to the box chassis section that`s above the drive shafts. The chance and potential for many water leaks here means the Baur cabriolet needs particular attention and scrutiny. Many panels as well as repair sections seem to be available, but the cost of any major restoration will mount up alarmingly.


Hopefully there have been regular fluid and of course regular filter changes so to enable most engines cover very big mileages before any major attention is actually needed. However, you should know that there are quite a few issues that you should watch out for, these include oil leaks, as well as coolant that`s seeping from maybe a failed water pump. The head gaskets could give up, and also if there`s noisy valve gear, it means that a top end overhaul might be on the cards, but a smoky exhaust or in fact some rough running could often be down to say, either some worn carburettor spindles or maybe a worn distributor bearing that could put the timing out. You`ll need to be very wary if you are looking at say an injected or a turbocharged car – see, the Kugelfischer fuel injection system is very reliable, but it`ll need setting up properly, so with the price of genuine injectors from BMW is about £2000, replacing the KKK turbo-charger is much similar cost. If in any doubt, get a BMW specialist to look over and inspect the car.


BMW running gear suffers lack of use, this often results in a seized/ binding brake, so do ensure everything actually feels healthy out on the road test. Now replacement front brake calipers are not cheap, so you need to budget accordingly, so if you think that an overhaul is on the cards. The UK models were actually fitted with the twin brake servo set up, which really should be changed as a pair – then you’re looking at about £400 or so for a refurbished unit. Look for any play in the steering-box it can be adjusted but look out that it`s not passed that stage, because an owner could`ve overdone it – any ‘tight spots’ as you`re turning between lock to lock, means that an overhaul or replacement of the box is needed. Any form of corrosion that`s around any of the mounting points, the suspension will likely give trouble, other than that and the usual wear and tear. As for the brakes, most aftermarket upgrades are very popular, so do make sure you are quite happy with the set up and the standard of any work that`s been done.


The BMW 2002 Interior trim was very good in quality and proved to be very hard wearing when it was new, but by this time age will no doubt will have taken its toll unfortunately.. The seats back then were trimmed in a vinyl or a cloth, depending on the model, and it’s purely a case of simply assessing what the overall condition of the seats is. Some parts are getting quite scarce, but many are actually available through the BMW owners’ club or in fact from BMW, I mean if the car is perfectly sound, then a bit of revitalising of a tired interior is really quite realistic proposition, but, don’t underestimate, the cost of a job like this and doing it properly.

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