Driver Location Signs

In order to report an occurrence, trash or perhaps a break down, it’s essential that you can explain precisely what your location is.

Driver location sign, now traditionally used throughout the motorway and A–road system inform you, and explain, precisely what your location is when an incident occurs.

The signs are made to be noticeable on the highway whilst you’re travelling and also to establish your exact spot which means you (by using a hands-free system) or perhaps driver-location-sign-key-440your passenger can record an event precisely without needing to stop.

Make use of the info on the sign to share with the emergency services as well as the breakdown/recovery services or Highways Organization Traffic Officer concerning the position.

Direction of journey:

The letter to the 2nd line of the signs informs the emergency services or even the Highways Organization which way you happen to be going in.

For the M25, ‘A’ signifies clockwise for the primary carriageway and the ‘B’ anticlockwise.

On the other Motorways ‘A’ is usually utilized to show northbound direction or ‘Away’ from Greater London and ‘B’ southbound direction or ‘Back’ to Greater London.

On spur highways or motorway slip roads you will notice J, K, L or M determined by course and placement.


Distances are correct to within just 20 metres and tend to be quoted from the start of the motorway. Around the M25 distances are calculated clockwise starting from the Dartford river crossing.


Drivers location signs are going to be positioned to the nearside verge on the road at intervals of 500m although this might be reduced in certain locations to prevent locating a sign beneath a bridge for instance where it wouldn’t be easily seen.