Thinking Of Changing Your BMW Main Beam Bulbs

BMW HeadlightChanging your BMW main beam car headlights to 100 watts will significantly increase your night time vision. This can improve your safety, particularly if traveling at speed. In my opinion improving the main beams isn’t discourteous to many other motorists because they must only be utilized when they won’t dazzle other motorists. Changing the dipped beams can dazzle an oncoming motorist which is not recommended.

In the United Kingdom dipped beams could lawfully be 45 watts and main beams 55 watts. Most two headlamp kitted vehicles can’t provide the dipped and main beams on jointly, their highest output is therefore 110 watts. An altered E36 can indeed project 45×2 + 100×2 = 290 watts, a significant difference.

I drive a great deal on clear country roads during the cold months at night and can confirm on the big difference this customization can make. I don’t have fog lights (they’re an alternative in the United Kingdom on smaller sized engine BMWs) but more powerful main beams tend to be more helpful for standard driving.

The very first job would be to upgrade the fuses. The current is going to be 100W/12V = 8.33A, a 10A fuse ought to do just fine. You will have to upgrade fuses 29 and 30 (1 for every light).

The front lights bulbs are hidden at the rear of durable plastic covers that clip off from the top. A wire spring supports the light bulb in position then one cable joins the 12 volt supply. The light bulb is often a “D” type which can be keyed by way of 1 flat face and therefore is only able to be inserted within the proper positioning.

Up until now I have tried personally a make known as Ring for the light bulbs. One blew pretty quickly and I’m informed this isn’t unheard of. Basically i will find a nearby supplier – I’d like to try out Hella light bulbs.

This customization will void your manufacturer’s warranty and could break legal requirements within your country.

NB: United States vehicles use various headlamp fixtures and this mod could very well result in damage. This change must only be made on European type lights.